UP-575 High-power MPCVD equipment
UP-575 High-power MPCVD equipment
Microwave frequency: 2450±25MHz Output power: 0.6kw~12kw continuously adjustable Two-way coupler: power capacity greater than 15kw, insertion loss less than 0.5dB Microwave leakage: 5cm away from the equipment, microwave leakage ≤ 2 mw/cm2

Technical indicators and characteristics


1.Microwave system (using French Sairem microwave source)
Microwave frequency 2450±25MHz
Output power 0.6kw~12kw continuously adjustable
Two-way coupler power capacity greater than 15kw, insertion loss less than 0.5dB
Microwave leakage 5cm away from the equipment, microwave leakage ≤ 2 mw/cm2
2.Vacuum system
Working pressure range 10~300Torr
Automatic voltage regulation range 40~250Torr
Vacuum pump 6L/s dry pump
System leak rate <2×10-10 Torr·L/sec (detected by helium mass spectrometer leak detector)
Cavity pressure holding capacity pressure rise less than 0.2 Torr every 24 hours
Background ultimate vacuum 0.1Pa (7.5 x10-4 Torr)
3.Vacuum reaction chamber and substrate stage
Reaction chamber material and structure dish-shaped stainless steel reaction chamber
Observation window Four CF ports, 90° distribution. It can be used to measure temperature and observe the reaction chamber
Motor control, can open and close the cover automatically
Molybdenum substrate table diameter maximum 150mm, recommended diameter range 60mm ~75mm
The sample table can rotate at a constant speed and move up and down
4.Gas path
The system comes with five MFC
Use flowmeter and flow control valve imported from Japan
5.Temperature measurement system
Use German brand infrared temperature measurement, range: 300~1300 degrees Celsius
Equipped with 15" touch screen controlled by PLC, user-friendly operation interface, all operations can be done on the touch screen
Comes with automatic protection against water shortage, gas shortage, power supply phase loss, fireball jump, over temperature and overload, sparking, etc.
The production process is automatically controlled by the process formula, and up to ten sets of process formulas can be set
The system comes with preset processes such as automatic air extraction, ignition, heating, cooling, etc., which is easy for users to operate
Fully automatic temperature control and air pressure control greatly reduce the workload of system operators
7. Hydrogen generator
Use American Parker hydrogen generator
Hydrogen purity 99.99999%, maximum flow rate 1300sccm



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