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Service Support

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概要:service support
概要:service support

The company's sales services include pre-sales service, sales service and after-sales service. At each stage, the company will provide you with considerate service!

pre-sale service

1. Exclusive technical customer service, providing professional technical consulting services.

2. Adjust the design plan according to customer needs, and carry out in-depth design in various aspects such as functional structure.

3. Introduce the production process and product effects of various materials to customers in detail.

In-sale service

1. Carry out contract review carefully, and manufacture in strict accordance with the requirements of materials, dimensions and other process technology.

2. According to the contract requirements, implement the production plan, and promptly investigate and implement the specific changes that may occur.

3. Regularly monitor the production progress and report the project progress to you in time.

4. In the production process, we will actively cooperate with the requirements of customers, and do a good job in every link from the perspective of technology and humanization, and will provide timely and meticulous service throughout.

5. Any damage to the product during the whole process of transportation shall be repaired or returned.

After-sales service

In line with the "customer first" belief, the company opened a 24-hour service hotline to ensure all-weather service.

In the course of use, if there is any quality problem, the company will assign professionals to analyze and solve the problem to ensure the normal work of the user.

During the warranty period, if the product has quality problems (non-human factors), the company is responsible for repairs, replacements, and free maintenance and repair services.

The company has always adhered to a sincere and down-to-earth work style, and strives to do a good job of pre-sales and after-sales services for all users to ensure that you can use our products normally.